Radical RSE in Schools

 Is the tide finally beginning to turn?

Are people finally starting to see sense?

We can, I think, be cautiously optimistic.

Why? Well, I think we were pretty much sunk by a careful & clever approach that sought to obfuscate the truth about certain lifestyles, subcultures and their consequences and portray such people as victims. This approach was highly successful, but the nature of progressives is to constantly push that boundary. You are never progressive enough for them and they are always pushing forward and leaving that which was progressive last week behind. If you're not on the crest of the progressive wave, you quickly become a bigot yourself.

Thus we have seen LG, then the addition of B, then T, then Q, etc etc etc. The problem is, there is endemic and logical inconsistency in the gathering of these disparate terminologies. One group promotes an epistemology which cannot coexist with the other, and vice-a-versa. For example, the homosexual "born this way" ontology is clearly in direct opposition to the trans idea that you are not.

The intersectionality model used as a qualitative framework to identify multiple factors of advantage and disadvantage and how interlocking systems of power affect those who are most marginalized in society is perhaps the more academic justification for the growing promotion of this movement in our society. However, despite enabling a greater understanding of intersecting identities and highlighting certain flaws in our legal system, intersectionality’s logic contains the seeds of illiberalism and censorship contrary to the impression the majority have in our society today. Intersectionality employs dangerous and imprecise language, encourages ideological uniformity (and conformity), fosters groupthink, and necessitates radicalism. These undesirable characteristics are all likely—if not necessary—consequences of the foundational tenets of intersectional theory. 

And there are consequences for our society. Even if most people were unable to engage with the more intellectual debate about these ideas, they can see the consequences or at least grasp the problem with intersectionality's claim that everyone but CIS straight white rich men are oppressed.

As the radicalism necessitated by intersectionality becomes increasingly prevalent in our society (I've had a comment recently claiming I am a bigot for writing about the challenges to settled doctrine on these matters) people have become a silent, concerned majority, incapable of articulating the growing unease they feel about the sexualisation, particularly, of our children.

However, despite attempts to keep much of what is taught at school secret from parents, this radicalisation is becoming increasingly evident. Last week, Miriam Cates Conservative MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge – and a member of the Commons’ education committee, at a Westminster Hall debate exposed the fact that “extreme and inappropriate” sex education material was being shared with children in schools in England.

She said the new RSE framework “opened the floodgates to a whole host of external providers who offer sex education materials to schools, and now children are being exposed across the country to a plethora of deeply inappropriate, wildly inaccurate, sexually explicit and damaging materials in the name of sex education”.

In an articulate and well informed speech, she explains that radical elements are now the norm in our schools and explains the ways in which these ideas are deeply problematic and dangerous for children.

Her full speech is below and really must be listened to and shared with anyone with any responsibility for education, but is especially useful for parents:



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