Joe Rogan owned by a pro-life guest...

Babylon bee Founder Seth Dillon defending the pro-life position on Joe Rogan's Show. Its good to see coherent a pro-life defence represented in popular media; so often we get politicians offering incoherent policies.

I honestly think that this is how we win the argument. The pro-abortion position is totally incoherent. On the March 4 Life I have found that the Pro-abortion activists screaming abuse at us never want to engage in discussion; they know their position makes no sense. 

Ultimately, to advocate for abortion is to advocate for killing people. You have to say that killing some people is OK if they are weak/helpless/dependent/unplanned/unable to defend themselves/ <----One of these reasons....But ultimately you have to accept it is OK to kill people in some circumstances.

We need to expose the logical fallacy of abortion. Yes it is a difficult thing if you get pregnant but choices have life long consequences and abortion does not change that you did get pregnant and that will be a life long consequence of your choice to have intercourse.

This sort of exposure is the best way to highlight the hypocrisy of abortion and to start appealing to intelligent people who have accepted the lie of abortion.


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