Catholic Unscripted Episode 16: The Call to Holiness is the Antidote to Evil in the Church

In this episode we talk about the posthumous publication of a new book by Pope Benedict XVI. Many were wondering if the timing of this book's release meant we would finally see Joseph Ratzinger settling scores with Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who genuinely had humiliated him by trashing his ruling on the Latin Mass? The answer is, in fact no, as anyone who knew Pope Benedict XVI should have guessed. The book is a collection of essays, infinitely better written and far more theologically literate than Pope Francis’s writings — but the late Pope Emeritus would have considered it just as wrong to break his promise to show loyalty to his successor after his death as before it. It did, however, contain some interesting relationships about problematic and influential groups within the Vatican!

We also discuss the strange overturning of Fr Rupnik's ex-communication as this scandal, which integrates the Pope in an unclear way continues to rumble on as more and more victims come forward and give their accounts of what they suffered at the hand of the Pope's ally. 

We then talk about how we should understand abuse and the truth that holiness is the best antidote to evil in the Church, using Gavin's excellent article as a spring board. You can read that at the Catholic Herald here.

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  1. Thanks once again, Mark, Gavin and Katherine for your open discussion on issues important for the Church.


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