A New Open Letter to the Faithful from Bishop Strickland & My Comments


An Open Letter to the Faithful from Bishop Joseph E. Strickland posted on his website and dated 27/11/2023

As I am sure you have heard by now, I have been removed as Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler.  I was asked to meet with the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, and in that meeting I was read a list of the reasons I was being removed.  I would make these reasons available to you if possible; however, I was not given a copy of this list at that time, and I have not been able as of yet to obtain a copy despite my requests. [Mark says: Surely this points to the complete injustice of this situation? It is great that Bishop Strickland is continuing to stand up for Catholics in this way, I could not help but feel the Vatican's removal of him played into his hands. It is like the Lord has a plan to expose the present corruption and confusion and we are seeing it unfold before us! Removing him makes Strickland the true martyr. This is compounded by his own gentle obedience and constant reassertion of the fundamental truths of the faith. He can literally say "all I am doing is reiterating the fundamental truths of our faith" with utter integrity and this exposes the hypocrisy, clear lack of justice and integrity being shown by those who are working to remove him!]

In the reasons that were read to me, no mention was made of administrative problems or mismanagement of the diocese as the reasons for my removal.  The reasons given seemed to be related, for the most part, to my speaking the Truth of our Catholic faith, and to my warnings against anything that threatened that Truth (including things that were being brought up at the Synod on Synodality). [This is just so awesome to me - it is exactly what a bishop should be and exposes the hypocrisy of the Pope of Mercy's narratives of dialogue, open discussion and accompaniment for the utter sham they really are! If Pope Francis actually believed in that, why not call Strickland and alleviate his fears about the agenda as a brother bishop? All my instinct and experience tells me the only answer can be that the Pope is working to undermine the deposit of faith as Bishop Strickland pointed out!].  Also, mention was made of my not walking alongside my brother bishops as I defended the Church and her unchangeable teachings, [Interesting in the context of Cardinal Pierre's constant cajoling of the USCCB to "implement Francis!" We also know that McElroy, Cupich, Tobin, Farrell - all Pope Francis lackeys and McCarrick proteges are all going to be seriously at odds with Magisterium! What would "walking alongside" brother bishops look like? I have a distinct sense it would mean kowtowing to the Francis mafia within the USCCB, ceasing all attempts to preach the faith and getting on board with climate change and alphabet stuff] and of my not implementing the motu propoio Traditionis custodes, which were I to have implemented, would have required me to leave part of my flock unfed and untended.  As a shepherd and protector of my Diocese, I could not take actions which I knew with certainty would injure part of my flock and deprive them of the spiritual goods which Christ entrusted to His Church.  I stand by my actions as they were necessary to protect my flock and to defend the Sacred Deposit of Faith. [Apparently there are at least 100 dioceses who have not implemented Traditiones custodes in the USA. Many more throughout the world. Just this fact shows how draconian and unnecessary a measure it was, the lack of collegiality it betrays and it would similarly appear to demonstrate how many bishops share Bishop Strickland's sympathies here. Why would a good bishop want to hurt and punish faithful members of his flock? The way Strickland articulates his concerns in this regard really encourages me and confirms that he is a true shepherd and a man of God!].

This is the time for everything now covered to be uncovered, and everything now hidden to be made clear.  In fact, it was in a time when things were being hidden regarding disgraced now-former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the Church sex abuse scandal that it seems I first entered the Vatican’s radar. My main crime, then as now, seems to always have been about bringing to light that which others wanted to remain hidden.  Sadly, it now seems that it is Truth Himself, Our Lord Jesus Christ, that many desire to be hidden. [We know that there is a profound truth here. The facts are that there was a huge cover up regarding McCarrick. His abuse was an open secret among many clergy and yet it was ignored and covered up as part of a network of abuse, power and money. It is a brave man who would stand against that and a man of integrity and Bishop Strickland is clearly that man, thank God for him! If more bishops were like this we would not have to deal with this abuse, instead many are complicit with this Catholic omerta, often in the cause of a false kind of unity].

Although I am now without a diocese, I am still a bishop of the Church and therefore a successor of the apostles, and I must continue to speak Truth even if it requires my very life.  I want to say this to all of you today – DO NOT ever, ever leave the Church!  She is the Bride of Christ!  She is now undergoing her Passion, and you must resolve to stand resolutely at the cross!  It is important to attend Mass every Sunday and as often as possible, to spend time in adoration, to pray the Rosary daily, to go to confession regularly, and to call always upon the saints for assistance!  I urge you to persevere that you might say in the end, “I have fought the good fight to the end; I have run the race to the finish; I have kept the faith.” [This is fantastic. It speaks to the truth that this battle is taking place everywhere in our culture, abandoning the Catholic Church will not save you from it. You have to take a stand; we all do. on Catholic Unscripted, when we first discussed this, we suggested that if he was removed, Bishop Strickland could end up as the worst enemy the evil agenda in the Vatican could ever have: a bishop without mandate, free to roam the world building the faith. It looks like that prediction is really coming true now!]. 

May Almighty God bless you, and may our Holy and Blessed Mother intercede for you and point you always to her Divine Son Jesus as we enter this Advent season.

I remain your humble father and servant,

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland 


  1. Thanks for publishing this, along with your annotation. I pray that soon, the evils of this regime are expunged from the record, and wrongs are righted.


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