Archbishop Cordileone Bans Nancy Pelosi From Communion

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Having undertaken mammoth efforts to correct the speaker of the house, her bishop has finally decided he has no option but to publicly exclude her from receiving Holy Communion:

He was immediately supported by bishop Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska:

This is, of course, the fulfilment of canon law:

This is what had to happen.

Writing to his priests today, Archbishop Cordileone lays out the timeline and says he is not "weaponizing" communion: "I have been very clear all along, in both my words and my actions, that my motive is pastoral, not political."

It will be interesting to see what happens next. President Biden's Archbishop, the well known liberal Wilton Gregory, did go as far as offering a criticism to the President back in September. Stating Biden “is not demonstrating Catholic teaching” with his abortion stance.


  1. While I don't hold much hope that Francis will openly approve, we can hope he will not openly criticize. In the worst case scenario, he could build on his recent deposition of the Puerto Rican bishop, remove Abp. Cordileone (thereby pleasing the civil authorities in SF who requested him to do so in the past) and replace him with Bp. McElroy, killing two birds with one stone, since McElroy, created a Cardinal in the next consistory, will be a safe vote for Francis II.


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